Planning protocol

This year for January- March, Rich and I did our usual reset which involved going back to the basics, having a little word with ourselves about the amount of shit we were eating and, shock horror, cutting out alcohol. Anyone who knows us will know this was a BIG surprise as we are usually the first to get smashed at any given opportunity.

With the emotional shit show that has been our lives for the few months in the lead up to Christmas we had been exceptionally careless with regards to our diets so we do relished this opportunity to refresh and motivate ourselves back to normality, which this year involved cutting out booze to pack an extra punch.

Anyway- more about the no booze news another day. For today, I wanted to share with you the best new tool in my planning tool kit. I always plan and prep meals each week and usually write a list on my phone of what we will eat, and loosely when we will eat it. However, this year I went back to basics and actually printed off a meal planner- nothing revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a real pen and paper girl- physically writing it down just makes it seem more formal you know.

I’ll sit down with my recipe books and try to pick one new thing a week (if I can be arsed) and then jot down the ingredients on my shopping list and do a weekly online shop so I’ve got everything I need for the week.

I find this also makes it harder to deviate from – when you know you’ve got the ingredients in the fridge it’s harder to justify a two for Tuesday Dominoes (although, really does Dominoes ever actually need justification 🍕)

Give it a whirl – just print an A3 sheet off (days of be week on the top and meal time/ snacks on the side) – and write down what you fancy. I find doing an online shop helps just with time more than anything- I try to get it delivered when I know I’ll have time to cook (usually a Sunday morning for me).


Part 2 of my blog hijack from rich…

The dreaded weekend of our half marathon was upon us and we were in high spirits that we would complete it and complete it within our estimated time of 2 hours 30 minutes (based on our training runs). 
After waking up relatively early (way to early for a Sunday anyway) we had our breakfast of porridge & made our way into the centre. It was surprisingly chilly although not a cloud in the sky could only mean one thing – it’ll be a hot one & it was. 
After posing for the obligatory pre race photos, Hannah and I ventured into our pen and Hannah’s dad, Chris ventured off to his. Chris was expecting to be close to the 2 hour mark(!!) so started further down towards the starting line. 

Our race got off to an interesting start, running over the line with a bloke dressed in full armour – yes medieval style armour!! Unfortunately 2 miles in my calf & hip started to hurt, luckily I’ve experienced this before in our training but this time it wouldn’t go. Fortunately with a lot of encouraging words from Hannah I pushed on and it seemed to ease just before we got to mile 3. As we turned the corner, we saw something we weren’t expecting to see… a hill. 
Now for anyone that tells you the Cardiff Half is flat are fibbing, well and truly fibbing. Yes I suppose it is relatively flat compared to other courses but there’s still a hill and one that we now have to run up. Surprisingly by the time we got to the top all my aches were gone. 
From our relatively newness to marathons, we saw the pacers for 2 hours 15 in the distance and thought if we could stay with them we could be within a chance of improving our time. As the miles disappeared we had all of a sudden not only caught the pacers but overtook them by mile 9!?!? Yes we were very surprised by this too. (Unfortunately,the pacers were no where near that pace, they were more likely on a 2 hour 20 minutes.) This gave us a huge boost and we pushed on, even after a guy dressed as a dinosaur ran past us. 
As we hit mile 10 we were now running into the unknown. We had both got this far once before but never crossed it. After a high five we pushed on only to be confronted by another hill (!!!!). Yes it wasn’t steep but it was still an incline that we wasn’t expecting. I reminded Hannah that what goes up must come down – although at this point she looked as though she wanted to punch me. Eventually we got to the top, turned the corner and there was the hill (more of a slight slope) back down. At this point we thought we were on the final leg & nothing stood between us and the finishing line 1 mile away. 
Unfortunately as we got to the bottom of the hill we now came face to face with what can only be described as the Travelator from Gladiators… In reality it was a short, shape slope of no more than 15/20 metres but it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time! Spurred on by a guy in the crowd shouting ‘come on smash it’ we made it to the top and onto the final leg. As we rounded the final corner and saw the finish line, grabbed hands and sprinted towards the line – you know the saying Those who train together…
And that was it our first marathon was over, completed in 2 hours 21 minutes. Yes it was 9 minutes faster than we were expecting but we were disappointed not to break the 2 hours 20 mark. Upon meeting up with Chris again, our efforts were put to shame as he completed it in 1 hour 51 – a cracking job! 
All in all we were delighted, we have both ran our first half marathon, finished it ahead of our expected time & finished it together *mini fist pump*. 

I think our entire journey can be summed up by this:
Would I say it was hard – yes. Would I say motivating yourself to train is hard – yes. Did we cry, shout & throw tantrums whilst training – yes. Did we pick injuries & go through pain – yes. Would we do it all over again – ABSOLUTELY! 
Oh and a final shout out to the crowd. They were amazing!! If you ever go and watch a marathon make sure to cheer – it really does spur you on.

Half Marathon Training 

Sat on the train on route to somewhere I never thought I would be going. To participate in a half marathon in Cardiff. 

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been mainly doing two things:

1. Training for a half marathon.

2. Eating lots of crap as over compensation for training for said half marathon. 

Here is a low down of how our training has gone:

Up to 6 miles- pretty smoothly, luckily we’ve been running for a while up to this distance so, so far, so good. 

Getting past 7 miles. This has been interesting. 8 miles involved us getting home, not being able to move, smelling some food and throwing up a lot of protein shake. 

Getting to 10 miles was somehow slightly less traumatic. I can’t lie, it did involve a solo fist pump when I thought nobody could see me. And I might have shed a small tear of pride at getting to 10 miles. (I don’t want to brag but I was slightly hungover at the time). 

We’ve been floating around 8-10 miles leading up to the big race tomorrow which is 13.1 miles. Far. The farthest we will have run in forever. I’m banking on the rumour that adrenaline and everyone else will get us through the last few miles. Well let’s see how I get on tomorrow!! 

Obvs, new blog to come post half marathon!!! 

P.S sorry for not blogging recently- coming into winter and with wedding prep I’m hoping to get back into it.

P.P.S I have raised any money for charity doing this half marathon as I didn’t want to add any pressure to the situation but if you are reading this, yes you, please do make a donation in your own way- buy a homeless guy a coffee, buy something in a charity shop or help somebody out this weekend 🙂 

Working hard…

As women, I think we spend 99% of our time comparing ourselves to other ladies and wondering why we don’t quite match up. We need to stop!! Today I took some time to admire myself… Weird I know and at the risk of sounding big headed, but I am so proud of where I am now from 3 years ago. Even though I am no where near where I want to be or who I aspire to, I’m still better than what I was and I am a fighter. Girls-love yourselves first!!! 


Weekend walks…

Cheeky little weekend away near the coast this weekend so we incorporated a light 12 mile walk! It then in turn meant we could eat lots and drink multiple bottles of wine without feeling guilty 🙂 

24,000 steps yesterday and lots of fresh sea air which is always a joy when living in the big smoke.

Pictures below of the beaut scenery. Note to self stretch out after walking- it’s a sneaky way to exercise and you kind of don’t realise your working so hard but I’m aching today! Get out and about st the weekends and remember walk more = eat more 🙂 


My friends
Beautiful views
Walk involved some pretty sketchy hills and heights