When the going gets tough…

The tough have monster munch, christmas chocolate and fish fingers ( not all on one plate). 
#firstworldproblems but we are currently looking for a flat to buy in London ( very exciting!!) but also very tiring and stressful. Every night we are consumed by right move or are traipsing half way across London to view a hovel to potentially call our own. 
Last night we viewed 3 places and it was very cold and involved lots of standing around and I was feeling poorly 😦 I decided on the bus on route to property number 1 that somewhere there was a packet of beef monster munch calling my name. 

Phase 1. Beef monster munch consumed on 40 minute walk to next viewings (eating whilst walking causes negative calories right?!)
Started to feel more poorly (#poorme) and by the time we got home I was in pjs,onesie and faux fur throw- imagine the glamour. It was at this point that the chicken and cauliflower rice I had planned just didn’t cut it. 
Phase 2- old school classics. 

Bring on the fish finger sandwich with beans. Even better, cooked for me by rich whilst I drank tea feeling sorry for myself. 
Phase 3. Poorly= chocolate. For the first time ever in my life we still have christmas chocolate left past New Year’s Eve. (Stupid dark chocolate replacement) so last night I carried on the roll and had some chocolate coins and baubles! 
Was in bed fast asleep at 8:15. Rock and roll.
Anyway aside from making you all feel jealous of my fish finger supper- the morale of this blog post is sometimes you just have to have what you fancy. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tiny bit guilty but I’m up- off to the gym, feeling a bit better and back, as they say, on plan. (Urgh back to American preachy- ‘back on plan guys!’)
Enjoy some treats but just not too excess everyday and guess what- life goes on and weight comes off.