PADRON PEPPERS- the king of Peppers

My question is simple; how the hell have I lived 29 years of life without having found Padron peppers? I’m sorry to my poor taste buds.

There is only a short window of opportunity to get these guys but when you see them- BUY THEM.

So good as a snack, or with my chorizo stew, or as part of some tapas, or just whenever you feel like it.

Simply chuck the punnet contents on a baking tray, add a lick of olive oil and a generous sprinkle of sea salt and bake for 20 mins. They’re a game changer.

Chorizo stew

This dinner has proven great when cooking cooking for pals or just for a dinner come lunch option for me and Rich to reheat at work the next day. Super easy to make and really tasty so give it a go!

I know a lot of people steer clear of fats on a diet but Rich and I don’t cut it out even when “dieting” – although I wouldn’t actually say we ever “diet”. It’s got 3-4 of your veggies for the day in and the beans will help keep you fuller for longer. And even better it’s made in one pot which means less watching up for Rich (you’re welcome!)


Serves 4ish

  • Half a ring of chorizo- chopped into 1cm chunks
  • 2 x onions
  • 3 x cloves garlic
  • 1 x teaspoon paprika
  • Tomato purée
  • 1 x courgette
  • 3 x peppers
  • 1 x half bag spinach
  • 1 x tin of either kidney, Black and butter beans
  • 2 x Tins chopped tomato
  • Squeeze of honey

How to:

One pot wonder, fry the onions, garlic, and chorizo chunks for a few mins, add the tomato purée and paprika. Add the diced vegetables- peppers and courgettes work well but you could also add mushrooms/ aubergines- the more the merrier :), fry off for a couple of minutes until the veg starts to soften.

Throw in the beans and chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer for 20 mins. I always add a squeeze of honey for a bit of sweetness to any stews too.

Add the spinach at the last minute and cook through.

Serve with either brown rice, cous cous or extra veggie if you’re being particularly heavenly. Photo below is with a pitta bread and a bit of Houmous (sp?!) which makes a great lunch option!

Great option to batch cook on a Sunday too and keep in the fridge for a couple of days lunches.

I need to sort out my food photography skills but I usually just want to get it in my gob to be honest

Chorizo for the win

I really vividly remember a story where my friends boyfriend made her pasta for dinner one night and when asked the contents he confirmed it was indeed chicken and tuna. I mean, chicken AND tuna. I’m sure it tasted fine but I just can’t comprehend putting these two pals together in a pasta dish.

So needless to say I’ve since been slightly sceptical when Rich offers to cook dinner, not to tar him with the same brush but he did one pick up a packet of skips to accompany our stir fry when I’d asked him to get prawn crackers (reason enough for concern?!)

So when Rich offered to make me scrambled eggs for breakfast I was marginally hesitant when he told me he had added a “secret ingredient”. The secret ingredient was in fact chorizo and I haven’t looked back since. There is no need for you to have scrambled eggs when even just the smallest amount of chorizo makes this a taste sensation. Fry the chorizo (sure, chuck in some onions if you really wanna be fancy) and let it go crispy. Then take it off the heat, add the eggs and let the residual heat cook them. Serve with avocado and sour dough. Perfection, sorry I ever doubted you, Rich.

Mexican boats…


So I saw some pictures of myself from 18 months ago and DANG I looked good. It’s only when you look back you realise you’ve let things slip a bit. I’m still happy but with a lot of life stress going on the wagon is slightly further away from me than I’d like.

So we are back to it… made a great chilli last night and obviously I’ve been thinking all day about the left overs and here’s what I did tonight for dinner-

Chilli con carne boats:

    Lettuce leaves
    Left over lean beef chilli
    Greek yoghurt
    Low fat cheese
    Spring onions
    Pop chips (i mean they are better for you than nachos right?!)

And hey presto delicious little boats.

N.B The lime is ESSENTIAL, don’t skimp on the lime. Normally I’d be like “Pah, who has limes in the fridge”, but I genuinely think it makes all the difference. ZESTY.

I reckon this would make a cracking little work lunch too!

Cracking on some jalapeños would be a dream

Cheat’s lunch

If you’re like me and my pals, you probably spend 90% of your time thinking of lunch ideas for work- I’m not a fan of reheated food which makes lunches for me at work a real chore. I quite often make me and Rich different lunches due to this.

Lunch is such a snore. So boring that sometimes I resort to breakfast again- banana pancakes for lunch. Sometimes I eat a tin of beans with a wholemeal role. I’m not gonna win any Michelin stars for lunches that for sure.

But I just rustled up this and thought I would share- it’s one of our go to lunches on the go as it’s super quick and something I don’t hate eating which is a bonus!

Hummus, cheese and ham, tomatoes, pepper, carrot, celery, pitta bread

Super simple- usually a combo of these things:

Carrot sticks




Cherry tomatoes



Cheese (I obviously usually pre fry halloumi and put it in but Tesco had sold our yesterday- how dare they!)

Babybel cheese

Ham/ chicken

Pitta bread (I realised VERY quickly that this was essential for my lunch as I’m a real prick if I don’t eat carbs at lunch)

Falafel (again, Tesco, where are you at with your falafel?! You’re killing my lunch vibes)

A veritable picnic/ picky lunch! Enjoy guys xx


Hi Y’-all,

Today’s super quick blog is about our super quick breakfast! Generally each week day we have one of two breakfast- 1. Overnight oats, or 2. Banana pancakes (depending on how arsed I can be in the week!).

If you are time or effort short, I would recommend cracking out 5 pots of overnight oats on a Sunday so each weekday you can just grab a pot and go… quick, cheap, easy, filling and healthy (and two of your 5 a day). What’s not to love?


1. Tupperware pots at the ready! Spread your pots out and pop in a few dashes of almond milk (or any other milk- hey, even cows have milk did you know??)

2. Add oats (no exact measurement here soz- about 40grams…)

3. Add cinnamon and maple syrup or honey to sweeten (as I am using yoghurt and berries it can be quite tart so don’t forget to add this!) Felt decadent today so added maple syrup 🙂

4. Add yoghurt- sometimes I use low fat, sometimes I use Greek yoghurt- generally it’s whatever I pick up first. If you use Greek you’ll have a thicker consistency so might need a splash more milk to loosen things up! About two tablespoons of yoghurt.

5. Add fruit- I use a mixture of fresh and frozen berries. I actually prefer frozen in this, when they defrost in the fridge they make the mixture more flavoursome! But of course, just to be awkward Rich likes fresh so I end up making different ones. Typical Husband.

6. Mix it all together and crack in the fridge! I mean it doesn’t look remotely pretty but it’s a great quick breakfast and I’ve been eating it for like 4 years. I go to the gym before work and this keeps me full for quite a while post workout!

Enjoy people! Xx


Warning. This post contains egg puns. 

When my new PT sent me her meal plan it had an Eggxtreme amount of eggs to be consumed- 6 a day! 6 eggs, 6!!!!! I was really upset to learn that chocolate eggs don’t count- reckon I could go a full bakers dozen on chocolate eggs. 

Now I like eggs as much as the neggxt guy (sorry) but the thought of eating 6 a day makes me feel positively horrific. 

So I’m aiming for a few, some days more than others. Here’s some egg-tra-ordinary ways of getting some eggs Into your day to day life:

How do you like your EGGS IN THE MORNING?? 

At work I’m against microwaving eggs. Sorry guys but I just don’t think it’s socially eggceptable. Yes, its practical and yes well done, you are getting your healthy fats in and a good dose of protein nice and early but seriously, we don’t all want to smell it. 

So i save my breakfast eggs for the weekend and generally have them 1 of 3 ways: 

1. POACHED: (they look like terrible aliens because I’m really bad at poaching) but they taste unreal with some avocado and bacon. 

2. DIPPY: The king of eggs of course. Bit of toast- dream come true. 

3. SCRAMBLED:  ala this morning with some cherry tomatoes chucked in and a nice serving of either smoked salmon or prosciutto (Why not add more fats!) 

Scrambled eggs and good quality ham

SNACKING EGGS (if there is such a thing)

Soft boiled eggs, the true challenge of any Michelin starred chef I’m sure, gooey yolk, hard whites. The trick for me is this- bring the water to the boil, chuck eggs in (mine are stored in the fridge for my sins) and boil for 6 mins. Not a second more, not a second less. I never move off the sofa faster than when soft boiled eggs beep at me. Straight into cold water and then boxed for a snack at work the next day- treat yourself to some ham with them so you don’t look too freaky tucking into an egg like it’s a delicious apple sat at your desk.

Egg-xuse my 80s Tupperware box

And the best, PUDDING EGGS. Yep, delicious pudding eggs. A more egg-citing way to get in your daily egg quota:

PANCAKES : 1 x banana 1 x egg beaten together and fried in coconut oil. I slather them in Greek yoghurt and berries or dark chocolate and it’s bloody delicious.

BISCUITS: I also sometimes make healthy biscuits- 1 x banana, 1 x egg, 1/2 cup pats and handful of dark chocolate chips. Add some cinnamon, squeeze of honey. Bash it all together and roll into little balls and bake for around 15 mins. Eat straight out of the oven with a cheeky little brew. 

So have an egg-cellent Sunday, no egg-cercise for me today – day of rest! Hope your weekend was cracking. Oh god, I’ve got to stop.