Mexican boats…


So I saw some pictures of myself from 18 months ago and DANG I looked good. It’s only when you look back you realise you’ve let things slip a bit. I’m still happy but with a lot of life stress going on the wagon is slightly further away from me than I’d like.

So we are back to it… made a great chilli last night and obviously I’ve been thinking all day about the left overs and here’s what I did tonight for dinner-

Chilli con carne boats:

    Lettuce leaves
    Left over lean beef chilli
    Greek yoghurt
    Low fat cheese
    Spring onions
    Pop chips (i mean they are better for you than nachos right?!)

And hey presto delicious little boats.

N.B The lime is ESSENTIAL, don’t skimp on the lime. Normally I’d be like “Pah, who has limes in the fridge”, but I genuinely think it makes all the difference. ZESTY.

I reckon this would make a cracking little work lunch too!

Cracking on some jalapeños would be a dream

Cheat’s lunch

If you’re like me and my pals, you probably spend 90% of your time thinking of lunch ideas for work- I’m not a fan of reheated food which makes lunches for me at work a real chore. I quite often make me and Rich different lunches due to this.

Lunch is such a snore. So boring that sometimes I resort to breakfast again- banana pancakes for lunch. Sometimes I eat a tin of beans with a wholemeal role. I’m not gonna win any Michelin stars for lunches that for sure.

But I just rustled up this and thought I would share- it’s one of our go to lunches on the go as it’s super quick and something I don’t hate eating which is a bonus!

Hummus, cheese and ham, tomatoes, pepper, carrot, celery, pitta bread

Super simple- usually a combo of these things:

Carrot sticks




Cherry tomatoes



Cheese (I obviously usually pre fry halloumi and put it in but Tesco had sold our yesterday- how dare they!)

Babybel cheese

Ham/ chicken

Pitta bread (I realised VERY quickly that this was essential for my lunch as I’m a real prick if I don’t eat carbs at lunch)

Falafel (again, Tesco, where are you at with your falafel?! You’re killing my lunch vibes)

A veritable picnic/ picky lunch! Enjoy guys xx


So I’ve been making these at the weekend for a while but just realised the last few weeks that they actually travel quite well for work! Just zap them in the microwave for 30 seconds if you fancy them warm- I usually can’t be bothered so just have them at desk cold 🙂

In a blender mix together 1 egg and 1 banana… simples! I also add oats too if I know I’m going to be hungry as these thicken out the mixture!

I mean if you’re feeling dead fancy then sure, add honey, add cinnamon, add a pinch of salt, add blueberries, add protein powder, add cacao- make it your own people!

Can we just talk about how disgusting this looks? Looks like an alien baby.

Fry up the mixture in a little coconut oil. Keep the heat low as these bad boys burn quickly. At least 50% of mine end up a tad burnt as I get impatient and distracted simultaneously. Chargrill adds to the flavour right?

Boxed up ready for work! Take in some Greek yoghurt and mixed berries and dollop it all on top when ready to eat! For gods sake, do not pack the yoghurt with the pancakes over night- heathens.

You can make a few days ahead as they last at least 3 days in the fridge. I generally mix the yoghurt and berries in a separate pot the night before though as they don’t last as well.

Enjoy! Xx


So I am a Londoner but my brother and family have just moved from Houston to Boston! I’ve been to Houston many times but last week was the first time I visited them in Boston.

OH MY GOD I MISS TEXAN FOOD! Everything really is bigger and better in Texas. (N.B only when it comes to the food though as their new home in Boston is gorgeous- loved it there!)

Had some good food in Boston though- snaps below for your viewing pleasure! Are you even on holiday if you don’t eat ice cream everyday?!

In terms of consistency on holiday there wasn’t masses this time around- I was there for 10 days and fitted in 3 work outs but made sure I ate lots of fruit and vegetables and we actually didn’t eat out that much- so maybe moving to Boston is a good thing- for my waist line at least!!

Cherry and blueberry slushie- that’s two of my five a day right?!

Trying desperately to find good Tex mex in Boston!Banana french toast!Excellent ice cream

Classic pancakes, bacon and maple syrup

Now i am back In London it’s back to slightly less treats, more work outs and more food prep 😦 waaaaaaaa!


Hi Y’-all,

Today’s super quick blog is about our super quick breakfast! Generally each week day we have one of two breakfast- 1. Overnight oats, or 2. Banana pancakes (depending on how arsed I can be in the week!).

If you are time or effort short, I would recommend cracking out 5 pots of overnight oats on a Sunday so each weekday you can just grab a pot and go… quick, cheap, easy, filling and healthy (and two of your 5 a day). What’s not to love?


1. Tupperware pots at the ready! Spread your pots out and pop in a few dashes of almond milk (or any other milk- hey, even cows have milk did you know??)

2. Add oats (no exact measurement here soz- about 40grams…)

3. Add cinnamon and maple syrup or honey to sweeten (as I am using yoghurt and berries it can be quite tart so don’t forget to add this!) Felt decadent today so added maple syrup 🙂

4. Add yoghurt- sometimes I use low fat, sometimes I use Greek yoghurt- generally it’s whatever I pick up first. If you use Greek you’ll have a thicker consistency so might need a splash more milk to loosen things up! About two tablespoons of yoghurt.

5. Add fruit- I use a mixture of fresh and frozen berries. I actually prefer frozen in this, when they defrost in the fridge they make the mixture more flavoursome! But of course, just to be awkward Rich likes fresh so I end up making different ones. Typical Husband.

6. Mix it all together and crack in the fridge! I mean it doesn’t look remotely pretty but it’s a great quick breakfast and I’ve been eating it for like 4 years. I go to the gym before work and this keeps me full for quite a while post workout!

Enjoy people! Xx


Guys, it’s been a while. What have I been upto? I hear you ask. Mainly getting engaged and then going to Texas to see family for two weeks. I say to see family, what I mean is to eat burgers, to eat cheesecake, to drink beer, to eat Dairy Queen, to drink Coke, to eat pizza, and tex mex galore. So Ye, you can see why I haven’t been writing in my healthy eating blog too much…. 

Safe to say holiday season is over and it’s dawned I me I need to sort my life out and claw off some of those pizzas and tacos. So tonight I made this little delight. 

Chicken and egg fried rice:


Chicken stir fry:

Fry garlic, ginger and soy sauce in coconut oil 

Add small slices of chicken

Add peppers, red onions and mushrooms 

Set to one side once chicken is cooked through.


I’m not afraid to admit I buy microwave rice- who has time to cook it?! I love tilda brown rice with quinoa and that’s what I used in this. 

Fry the rice in the same saucepan to soak up all the left over stir fry juices

Add a bit more oil and crack a whisked egg in. Let it cook a bit and then mix the rice in. Add some frozen peas.

Add the chicken mix to the rice and hey presto, a delightful, healthy and nutritious week night dinner in around 10 mins!!! 

Add some cashews it you’re feeling crazy.

(Tried to save some for lunch tomorrow but I’m currently tucking into it- whoops!!)

Snack attack 

Sitting at work in the fortunate position of having the following snacks to hand- as in literally within an arms reach:

  • Godiva chocolates
  • Chocolate covered raisins 
  • Pick a mix 
  • Milk chocolate 
  • Lindt chocolate 
  • Biscuits
  • More biscuits

And of course dying about all of these temptations and treats! So, as I’m in a mood to eat literally anything that comes within a 15cm radius of my mouth, I’ve popped out and bought some healthier alternatives. See snacks below:

Skyr- protein yoghurts- fab- really like these. As well as danio, and other protein high yoghurts. 

Graze boxes- yes, you need to remortgage if you are planning on having one a day but they are currently £1 at sainsburys and I wonderful snack. Just tried this one and it was ace!! Like a marginally healthy Bombay mix (I bloody love Bombay mix.)

snack monster

Sometimes you just need to have something in your mouth at all times (those of you smirking you have filthy minds), so I try to ensure I have an array of tasty healthy snacks on hand to keep me occupied. Failing this, I eat the healthy snacks and then eat the Cadbury twirl as well, but it’s the effort that counts right? 

Top tip- keep chewing on your drawer to stop you eating everything people offer you. 

Snack monster Han