I’m lying in bed having barely slept. I can almost still taste the 1/2 a pack(full packet but too ashamed to admit it to myself) of malted milk biscuits from night before. A mild two day hangover still looms over me, mouth drier than the Sahara desert.

It’s 6:30am. Having got up at this time 5 times a week for the last two years it’s been a couple of chilled out weeks following our half marathon. I slur in bed, like a giant brown bear awaking from 6 months hibernation with a phobia of daylight. I pull on my leggings, tie my laces and leave the house. I eat my banana which is almost as thick and dry as my hangover head and I’m off to my first PT session in over a year, and with a new PT.

Following 1/2 marathon i decided to go on a two week binge of eating what the f*** I wanted, whenever I wanted to. And my PT is about to let me know this. 

To cut a long, painful hour short the stats are as follows: 5kg gain since January 2015. Ah yes, muscle mass- it must be muscle mass I scream inside me head. Nope, 6% rise is body fat- of which my PT tells me 2% more resides in my left arm over my right. (Not to anyone taking photos of me- it’s official, my right hand side is my best). 

So there it is. I can’t argue anymore and I can’t lie to myself. I’ve let myself slip, I’m head over heals in a joyous puddle of chocolate, crisps and booze and I’m reminded that we all need a little help from time to time. 


Well the sales pitch worked- I’ve just booked 10 sessions pre Christmas to get me back in shape and embarrass me into action. AND I’M BLOODY LOVING IT. 
Full review of my sessions so far will be written this week, but just a note to say- stop avoiding it, stop waiting until tomorrow to hop on the scales, stop avoiding contact wth the PT’s at your gym and get on it. Get realistic, get shocked if necessary and get in focus!!!! 

Have a great weekend. 



Guys, it’s been a while. What have I been upto? I hear you ask. Mainly getting engaged and then going to Texas to see family for two weeks. I say to see family, what I mean is to eat burgers, to eat cheesecake, to drink beer, to eat Dairy Queen, to drink Coke, to eat pizza, and tex mex galore. So Ye, you can see why I haven’t been writing in my healthy eating blog too much…. 

Safe to say holiday season is over and it’s dawned I me I need to sort my life out and claw off some of those pizzas and tacos. So tonight I made this little delight. 

Chicken and egg fried rice:


Chicken stir fry:

Fry garlic, ginger and soy sauce in coconut oil 

Add small slices of chicken

Add peppers, red onions and mushrooms 

Set to one side once chicken is cooked through.


I’m not afraid to admit I buy microwave rice- who has time to cook it?! I love tilda brown rice with quinoa and that’s what I used in this. 

Fry the rice in the same saucepan to soak up all the left over stir fry juices

Add a bit more oil and crack a whisked egg in. Let it cook a bit and then mix the rice in. Add some frozen peas.

Add the chicken mix to the rice and hey presto, a delightful, healthy and nutritious week night dinner in around 10 mins!!! 

Add some cashews it you’re feeling crazy.

(Tried to save some for lunch tomorrow but I’m currently tucking into it- whoops!!)


Haven’t posted for a while and finding it hard to keep up my routine with lots of holidays, hen dos and wedding fun! So getting my motivation back with the below picture!! 

Me in black 3 years ago, and yesterday at my friends wedding! Keep up the hard work everyone- every little helps and it’s ok to fall off the wagon so long as you hop back on when you’re ready! 

Skinny rice cakes? 👍👎?

Picked up these badboys in sainsburys this week- about £1.

Well. What a bloody treat. As a normal consumer, anything that has skinny, slim, low fat etc gets my attention even though I more often know it’s a farce. 

But i fell for it and they are delicious. Rice cakes obviously have no flavour, resemble cardboard to the crunch, and have little staying power if you wish to spread anything on them. But. Smother them in chocolate and they are a bloody winner!!! 

A literal taste sensation. 83calories for a serving. Now obviously according to the pack a serving is one rice cake. There are 3 in the pack- obviously the serving is therefore 3, totalling 249 calories. Not the lowest calories content of a snack but not the worst. Also not technically a healthy snack but I guess it’s marginally better for you than the kit Kat Chucky you’re about to it.

the facts and figures

It’s a defo 👍 from me but for a treat maybe once a week. Not twice in two days- whoops.

Buffet bonanza… How to avoid over eating at the hotel buffet!

Top ten tips for avoiding over eating in a buffet environment:

1. Accept that you are going to overeat. That’s what we are there for right?! 

2. Is it worth it? Are you enjoying what you’ve put on your plate? I generally put a little bit of things on my plate to try them and leave the ones I don’t like. Leave them if they aren’t worth it… Likewise, eat them if they are!! 

3. Start with salad. I always fill half my plate with salad or veg as a starter. Yes I might fill the rest wither pizza and chips but at least I’ve started with the right intention.

roast chicken, rice, olives and salad

4. Steer clear of fruit juice. You might as well have a glass of Coke to be honest. It’s so misleading but don’t beck 2-3 glasses of fruit juice thinking you’re being healthy- you aren’t. Unless it’s freshly blended which luckily enough in or hotel it was!! Try to add some vegetable juice to keep it lower sugar! 

fresh watermelon juice and carrot/ pineapple juice

5. How beige is your plate? Try to get some thinking not beige on it. I was adding some really nice black beans and olives to my plate on holiday! 

6. Creamy isn’t leany. We had the opportunity to make our own pasta dishes up- you can either add a cream or tomato sauce- creamy is usually (usually) more fattening so if you don’t mind opt for tomatoes pasta sauces. We didn’t use any sauce and instead had chorizo, ham. Mushroom loads of garlic, olive oil and Parmesan- amazing! 

7. Hotel buffet food is often mixed in quality. I normally love chips but they looked pretty soggy so i opted for rice instead… If the chips had looked nicer i would have had them but decided to break my habit. Earnt myself more cheese that way. 

8. Bread- so tempting in a buffet environment but actually think About how many slices you’re having. Breakfast toast? Lunch a panini? Dinner bread to start? It all adds up! I try to steer clear as it isn’t my weakness but if it is yours go for it- but sacrifice things you aren’t too fussed about! 

9. Add some fruit to your pudding! One of the great things about being abroad is the amount of fresh fruit and different types you can get! Try to get a few of your 5 a day in at breakfast too.

pineaple, papaya, melon, passionfruit and natural yoghurt

10. Eggs, eggs, eggs: our hotel did fresh omelettes so we had these (and omitted the cheese when trying to be good!). As well as the fresh fruit and yoghurt as above! With a green tea too 🙂 

omlette with tomatoes and bacon (I cut the fat off the bacon)

And an extra bonus point, the most important- 11. You’re on holiday- have what you want when you want!! Moderation is key but if you fancy pizza and chips do it (maybe have some fruit of pudding then… Or ice cream, oh how I miss daily ice cream).