I’m backkkkk….

Well hello there, apologies that it has been a little while- well in fact over a year since my last post. I’ve actually really missed it.

I’m in Croatia in holiday at the moment, I went for a run pre breakfast today and suddenly had an epiphany that I wanted to start writing again, so here I am, sat on a sun lounger in a cloudy but warm Croatia and writing again 🙂

So, why the absence?!

Those of you who know me well, will know that this year has been a pretty shit year for Chez Bolan. I won’t bore you with the details, but when i say shit, I really do mean shit. We’ve been dealt two big blows with regards to family members health and have been working through that which has taken a massive toll on us both. On top of this, I Started a completely new job in October, and whilst this is fine now, it’s been a bit turbulent getting used to working in the wonderful world of sales! And then, just to round this year off nicely on the stress levels, we have bought a new house and moved from our beloved North London, to modern day Suburbia, Surrey.

The latter of the stressed is actually a very welcome one (although try telling Rich that as I abandoned him on moving day because I “had” to work). We found that with all of the uncontrollable stresses we have in our lives, going back to our tiny, albeit it perfectly formed (if I do say so myself) flat in Finsbury Park each evening, through tubes at rush hour and dodging dodgy people on the way home, just added more stress than we needed- hence operation move!

Now we have moved to Surrey, I genuinely feel a real sense of elation and release from London life and stress. Sure, I wailed quite a few evenings before leaving London and I sure as hell miss our pals already but we are only an hour into central and my face is no longer quite as close to someone else’s armpit twice a day. And did I mention we have a garden?! Literally so excited to be in the sunshine in our own garden- lots of BBQ plans and making our friends come out to the suburbs!

So, aside from still being under a lot of stress, now feels like the right time to start focusing on writing, and re-motivating myself (and hopefully some of you guys) again!

So much to talk about- watch this space for usual fitness, health and real life chat.




So I am a Londoner but my brother and family have just moved from Houston to Boston! I’ve been to Houston many times but last week was the first time I visited them in Boston.

OH MY GOD I MISS TEXAN FOOD! Everything really is bigger and better in Texas. (N.B only when it comes to the food though as their new home in Boston is gorgeous- loved it there!)

Had some good food in Boston though- snaps below for your viewing pleasure! Are you even on holiday if you don’t eat ice cream everyday?!

In terms of consistency on holiday there wasn’t masses this time around- I was there for 10 days and fitted in 3 work outs but made sure I ate lots of fruit and vegetables and we actually didn’t eat out that much- so maybe moving to Boston is a good thing- for my waist line at least!!

Cherry and blueberry slushie- that’s two of my five a day right?!

Trying desperately to find good Tex mex in Boston!Banana french toast!Excellent ice cream

Classic pancakes, bacon and maple syrup

Now i am back In London it’s back to slightly less treats, more work outs and more food prep 😦 waaaaaaaa!

Buffet bonanza… How to avoid over eating at the hotel buffet!

Top ten tips for avoiding over eating in a buffet environment:

1. Accept that you are going to overeat. That’s what we are there for right?! 

2. Is it worth it? Are you enjoying what you’ve put on your plate? I generally put a little bit of things on my plate to try them and leave the ones I don’t like. Leave them if they aren’t worth it… Likewise, eat them if they are!! 

3. Start with salad. I always fill half my plate with salad or veg as a starter. Yes I might fill the rest wither pizza and chips but at least I’ve started with the right intention.

roast chicken, rice, olives and salad

4. Steer clear of fruit juice. You might as well have a glass of Coke to be honest. It’s so misleading but don’t beck 2-3 glasses of fruit juice thinking you’re being healthy- you aren’t. Unless it’s freshly blended which luckily enough in or hotel it was!! Try to add some vegetable juice to keep it lower sugar! 

fresh watermelon juice and carrot/ pineapple juice

5. How beige is your plate? Try to get some thinking not beige on it. I was adding some really nice black beans and olives to my plate on holiday! 

6. Creamy isn’t leany. We had the opportunity to make our own pasta dishes up- you can either add a cream or tomato sauce- creamy is usually (usually) more fattening so if you don’t mind opt for tomatoes pasta sauces. We didn’t use any sauce and instead had chorizo, ham. Mushroom loads of garlic, olive oil and Parmesan- amazing! 

7. Hotel buffet food is often mixed in quality. I normally love chips but they looked pretty soggy so i opted for rice instead… If the chips had looked nicer i would have had them but decided to break my habit. Earnt myself more cheese that way. 

8. Bread- so tempting in a buffet environment but actually think About how many slices you’re having. Breakfast toast? Lunch a panini? Dinner bread to start? It all adds up! I try to steer clear as it isn’t my weakness but if it is yours go for it- but sacrifice things you aren’t too fussed about! 

9. Add some fruit to your pudding! One of the great things about being abroad is the amount of fresh fruit and different types you can get! Try to get a few of your 5 a day in at breakfast too.

pineaple, papaya, melon, passionfruit and natural yoghurt

10. Eggs, eggs, eggs: our hotel did fresh omelettes so we had these (and omitted the cheese when trying to be good!). As well as the fresh fruit and yoghurt as above! With a green tea too 🙂 

omlette with tomatoes and bacon (I cut the fat off the bacon)

And an extra bonus point, the most important- 11. You’re on holiday- have what you want when you want!! Moderation is key but if you fancy pizza and chips do it (maybe have some fruit of pudding then… Or ice cream, oh how I miss daily ice cream).

The all inclusive holiday… Damage limitation 

So I’ve been off the radar this week- been sunning myself with Rich at an all inclusive in Dominican Republic- sorry not sorry.

Now as a fitness blog, obvs I can’t just brag about having an ace holiday- drinking my weight in beer and eating my weight in ice cream- as much as I want to.

With a couple of holidays coming up I didn’t want to pile on the obligatory half a stone gain (I mean I still made a fair effort on this front) so here’s my top tips for damage limitation on Holiday!! 

1. Move. Just a little everyday. And yes walking or swimming to and forth to the bar definitely counts…

Running on holiday is a fantastic way to see new places – we went for 3 runs along the beach. Quite handy as jet lag had us up at 6:30am anyway… Running outside in heat is also a fantastic way to increase your physical fitness- Rich and I managed about 25 mins each time due to the excessive heat (and the strong call to the bar…) 

To quote Rich “I’ve run for 25 mins so now im going to drink the calories at the bar”

2. Make some good choices to counteract the numerous bad ones. Now I’m not going on holiday to drink algae and eat salad all day long. As a massive foodie, I’m there to indulge as much as possible but just try to make swaps where you can- hilariously this meant for me swapping every other beer for gin and sodas (oh the sacrifice), and ensuring my plate had a fair amount of green on it! Pile up your plate with green bits before any beige! 

Soz Rich- beige plate of food vs my salad chicken and rice! Rich doesnt put weight on as easily as me- lucky!
3. Is it worth it? As with most all inclusive resorts the food at our hotel was mixed. Some things were great- breakfast. Somethings not so much- puddings. To be fair this was great as it meant more often than not we were saying to each other- how’s your dessert? Not worth the calories and then opting for fruit instead. (Sounds wasteful- we soon learnt!) This in turn, saved calories for beers.

4. Check out the gym, or do a HIIT in your room if you can be bothered! I did just 20 mins on the treadmill one day but felt so much better for it. My hotel room HIIT blog post will be coming soon! Also, swimming counts! I can’t confess to having swam much- more bobbing up and down trying not to spill my booze. But do swim on holiday if you can! 

Couples who train together… blah blah blah
5. Generally eat​ a tonne of fruit. Melon, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit- love all of these things on holiday for breakfast lunch and dinner! Normally I try not to get my 5 a day just from fruit (lots of sugar) but on holiday screw it- got about 8 a day in with fruit and salad 🙂 (strawberry daquiri’s count- right?!)

Inevitably sitting on your arse all day, eating and drinking from 11am is going to cause weight gain but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Sometimes you just gotta let go- queue photos of me eating some really healthy things…. 🙈🙉🙊