Mexican boats…


So I saw some pictures of myself from 18 months ago and DANG I looked good. It’s only when you look back you realise you’ve let things slip a bit. I’m still happy but with a lot of life stress going on the wagon is slightly further away from me than I’d like.

So we are back to it… made a great chilli last night and obviously I’ve been thinking all day about the left overs and here’s what I did tonight for dinner-

Chilli con carne boats:

    Lettuce leaves
    Left over lean beef chilli
    Greek yoghurt
    Low fat cheese
    Spring onions
    Pop chips (i mean they are better for you than nachos right?!)

And hey presto delicious little boats.

N.B The lime is ESSENTIAL, don’t skimp on the lime. Normally I’d be like “Pah, who has limes in the fridge”, but I genuinely think it makes all the difference. ZESTY.

I reckon this would make a cracking little work lunch too!

Cracking on some jalapeños would be a dream

Cheat’s lunch

If you’re like me and my pals, you probably spend 90% of your time thinking of lunch ideas for work- I’m not a fan of reheated food which makes lunches for me at work a real chore. I quite often make me and Rich different lunches due to this.

Lunch is such a snore. So boring that sometimes I resort to breakfast again- banana pancakes for lunch. Sometimes I eat a tin of beans with a wholemeal role. I’m not gonna win any Michelin stars for lunches that for sure.

But I just rustled up this and thought I would share- it’s one of our go to lunches on the go as it’s super quick and something I don’t hate eating which is a bonus!

Hummus, cheese and ham, tomatoes, pepper, carrot, celery, pitta bread

Super simple- usually a combo of these things:

Carrot sticks




Cherry tomatoes



Cheese (I obviously usually pre fry halloumi and put it in but Tesco had sold our yesterday- how dare they!)

Babybel cheese

Ham/ chicken

Pitta bread (I realised VERY quickly that this was essential for my lunch as I’m a real prick if I don’t eat carbs at lunch)

Falafel (again, Tesco, where are you at with your falafel?! You’re killing my lunch vibes)

A veritable picnic/ picky lunch! Enjoy guys xx


So I am a Londoner but my brother and family have just moved from Houston to Boston! I’ve been to Houston many times but last week was the first time I visited them in Boston.

OH MY GOD I MISS TEXAN FOOD! Everything really is bigger and better in Texas. (N.B only when it comes to the food though as their new home in Boston is gorgeous- loved it there!)

Had some good food in Boston though- snaps below for your viewing pleasure! Are you even on holiday if you don’t eat ice cream everyday?!

In terms of consistency on holiday there wasn’t masses this time around- I was there for 10 days and fitted in 3 work outs but made sure I ate lots of fruit and vegetables and we actually didn’t eat out that much- so maybe moving to Boston is a good thing- for my waist line at least!!

Cherry and blueberry slushie- that’s two of my five a day right?!

Trying desperately to find good Tex mex in Boston!Banana french toast!Excellent ice cream

Classic pancakes, bacon and maple syrup

Now i am back In London it’s back to slightly less treats, more work outs and more food prep 😦 waaaaaaaa!

Looking after number 1!

I am one the busiest people I know – I work hard and play harder. Friends always mock me because they have to schedule around 4 weeks in advance to tie us down for dinner plans!

A week in the life of me currently is like this

Work- Monday- Friday, Gym- Monday- Friday morning pre work, dinner with friends at least twice a week, visiting pals or family at the weekend, drinks two nights a week etc etc! So trying to squeeze in any relaxation time is pretty tricky.

My mum has sadly just been diagnosed with Early On set dementia which of course is awful news for our family. It has made me realise how incredibly important it is for me to not only look after my physical health, but also my mental well being!

Family time in Boston- me in the Pink dress!

I’ve got the fitness side down, I’m pretty consistent there; but the mental side and Rest and relaxation bit I am really not very good at. So this changes. NOW!

This week I just got back from Boston visiting family with my Mum, and I start my new job on Monday! I had plans with two of my closest friends this weekend and I had to make the tough decision to cancel them so I could focus on resting, recovering and relaxing ahead of my new job. Saying NO to plans is not something I am good at, and I really wanted to see them all!!

But I’m so glad I did- I am in a much better head space now. I’ve spent 2 days by myself- I’ve been to the gym, ate well, enjoyed retail therapy, had a long massage, watched a lot of Netflix. Hell, I’ve even been to a bloody yoga class!! AND I’m doing some aromatherapy (let’s see how long it lasts!)

Spoils of shopping!
Spoils of shopping! Thanks Topshop and Zara!

I also squeezed in a much needed date night with my husband for Tapas and cocktails after a tough for few weeks for us both!

Husband and me for Tapas

So yes, food and fitness are so important to your health, but absolutely do not underestimate how important rest and mental space are too! The yoga made me feel so relaxed I am definitely going to carry on with it….

Watch this space! Xx

I’m back!

So it’s been MONTHS since I wrote my last post!

Had quite a few shit life things going on so whilst my health and fitness have still been important to me, I’ve had to put it on the back burner a little.

I’ve still been working out on average 4 times a week, but I’m definitely an emotional eater and I’ve eaten more sugar and shit than I would have normally. I’ve gained 4kg which sucks big ones but I know getting back into my normal routine it’ll soon come off and I’ll level out again.

I don’t regret taking my foot off the gas for the last 3 months as I have really needed to put family first, but I’m super excited to get back on it big time and start living my healthier life again 🙂

Food, fitness and health blogs starting again from now! PROMISE

Are you with me?!



Warning. This post contains egg puns. 

When my new PT sent me her meal plan it had an Eggxtreme amount of eggs to be consumed- 6 a day! 6 eggs, 6!!!!! I was really upset to learn that chocolate eggs don’t count- reckon I could go a full bakers dozen on chocolate eggs. 

Now I like eggs as much as the neggxt guy (sorry) but the thought of eating 6 a day makes me feel positively horrific. 

So I’m aiming for a few, some days more than others. Here’s some egg-tra-ordinary ways of getting some eggs Into your day to day life:

How do you like your EGGS IN THE MORNING?? 

At work I’m against microwaving eggs. Sorry guys but I just don’t think it’s socially eggceptable. Yes, its practical and yes well done, you are getting your healthy fats in and a good dose of protein nice and early but seriously, we don’t all want to smell it. 

So i save my breakfast eggs for the weekend and generally have them 1 of 3 ways: 

1. POACHED: (they look like terrible aliens because I’m really bad at poaching) but they taste unreal with some avocado and bacon. 

2. DIPPY: The king of eggs of course. Bit of toast- dream come true. 

3. SCRAMBLED:  ala this morning with some cherry tomatoes chucked in and a nice serving of either smoked salmon or prosciutto (Why not add more fats!) 

Scrambled eggs and good quality ham

SNACKING EGGS (if there is such a thing)

Soft boiled eggs, the true challenge of any Michelin starred chef I’m sure, gooey yolk, hard whites. The trick for me is this- bring the water to the boil, chuck eggs in (mine are stored in the fridge for my sins) and boil for 6 mins. Not a second more, not a second less. I never move off the sofa faster than when soft boiled eggs beep at me. Straight into cold water and then boxed for a snack at work the next day- treat yourself to some ham with them so you don’t look too freaky tucking into an egg like it’s a delicious apple sat at your desk.

Egg-xuse my 80s Tupperware box

And the best, PUDDING EGGS. Yep, delicious pudding eggs. A more egg-citing way to get in your daily egg quota:

PANCAKES : 1 x banana 1 x egg beaten together and fried in coconut oil. I slather them in Greek yoghurt and berries or dark chocolate and it’s bloody delicious.

BISCUITS: I also sometimes make healthy biscuits- 1 x banana, 1 x egg, 1/2 cup pats and handful of dark chocolate chips. Add some cinnamon, squeeze of honey. Bash it all together and roll into little balls and bake for around 15 mins. Eat straight out of the oven with a cheeky little brew. 

So have an egg-cellent Sunday, no egg-cercise for me today – day of rest! Hope your weekend was cracking. Oh god, I’ve got to stop. 

Bravery body pump… 

Morning all.

Yesterday my best mate (who has her own life coaching business and is currently harping on about mind set and being in control of your life to make changes happen) stepped out of her comfort zone and presented to over 150 people. And of course, she smashed it!

Me and my Bessie, Jen

Jen did a Facebook live video all about how to step outside your comfort zone and I tell you what, it bloody worked on me. I watched this…

And then this morning I booked myself onto a new gym class for me, body pump, and went along. Now, it’s not quite presenting to 150 people, granted, but I’ve always felt a bit nervous attending new classes- what if I do it wrong, what if I can’t do it at all? What if I use the wrong equipment? What if I fall flat on my face and die infront of everyone? All rational thoughts right? 

So today, I bit the bullet and smashed a 7:30am class. It was great- I knew I’d love it.

Sweaty post body pump selfie

So big thanks to jen for showing us all how to stop being scared and just going for things outside your comfort zone- no matter how big, or small. 

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