Planning protocol

This year for January- March, Rich and I did our usual reset which involved going back to the basics, having a little word with ourselves about the amount of shit we were eating and, shock horror, cutting out alcohol. Anyone who knows us will know this was a BIG surprise as we are usually the first to get smashed at any given opportunity.

With the emotional shit show that has been our lives for the few months in the lead up to Christmas we had been exceptionally careless with regards to our diets so we do relished this opportunity to refresh and motivate ourselves back to normality, which this year involved cutting out booze to pack an extra punch.

Anyway- more about the no booze news another day. For today, I wanted to share with you the best new tool in my planning tool kit. I always plan and prep meals each week and usually write a list on my phone of what we will eat, and loosely when we will eat it. However, this year I went back to basics and actually printed off a meal planner- nothing revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a real pen and paper girl- physically writing it down just makes it seem more formal you know.

I’ll sit down with my recipe books and try to pick one new thing a week (if I can be arsed) and then jot down the ingredients on my shopping list and do a weekly online shop so I’ve got everything I need for the week.

I find this also makes it harder to deviate from – when you know you’ve got the ingredients in the fridge it’s harder to justify a two for Tuesday Dominoes (although, really does Dominoes ever actually need justification 🍕)

Give it a whirl – just print an A3 sheet off (days of be week on the top and meal time/ snacks on the side) – and write down what you fancy. I find doing an online shop helps just with time more than anything- I try to get it delivered when I know I’ll have time to cook (usually a Sunday morning for me).

Compression confession…

Blog hijack by my boyfriend! Boy stuff! 

So with Hannah constantly writing this blog I thought I would chip in every once in a while – fingers crossed for more likes than her. For my first post I want to talk about something that everyone has probably thought/looked at and moved on from… compression clothing. 
From my experience a lot of people see compression clothing as something that top athletes wear, tops for guys in the gym to show off with and the most common the thought of ‘how am I ever going to get into something that small…’ 


Compression top and pants
Compression tops and pants do take a bit of getting use to (especially as they are so tight on the body) but once you start wearing them in the correct situations suited to you, you’ll probably never go back. I normally always wear compressions tops and shorts under my clothes when I go out for run or do an outside activity and occasionally in the gym. I find it helps keep me warm in the winter and even though there is no scientific explanation I do find it helps my muscles work better, improves my posture and even saves me from injury (esp my legs). Yes this could all be in my head but as a lot of exercise is getting over a mental barrier it helps me a lot more. I find when I don’t wear it, my legs fatigue quicker and I don’t do as much. 


Cold weather running outfit
Obviously compression tops and pants are pretty expensive, especially if you go for the tops brands like Nike, Adidas & Under Armour but my tip if you want a cheap pair to try out – Decathlon. They have a really good brand called Kalenji – they’re pretty cheap and good quality for the price. After trying the shorts out I decided to spend a bit more (in the summer sale) and splash out on a long pair of Adidas leggings – mainly designed for the winter. I was particularly glad of them last week when it was freezing and I went for a run but they were excellent and really helped. 


Decathlon bargain
Adidas top- obviously sucking in
My favourite nike top
You’ll also find that there are a lot of different styles ( tops come in a vest, short & long sleeve options) and colours to choose from. As I wear mine under tops I’ve got a few different styles and colours with my favourite being a blue Nike Pro Combat and an orange Adidas Tech Fit. Under Armour even do some superhero ones, so if you want to run along appeasing your inner geek as Captain America or Iron Man then certainly take a look at those!! 


Captain America under armour