Finding quinoa…

I’m late. Super late to a party. It’s a boring party where even wholegrain and brown rices feel like Fattys in the corner, where pulses and lentils are on the VIP list, but only just. The party, is quinoa. It feels like it’s becoming as common a word as protein or fats and quite frankly I’m bored of being constantly left out, having not cooked it at home and having rarely sampled it’s so called delights. 

So tonight I’ve added it to one of my absolute fave dinners (soz stir fry- I’m over you). 

I’ve cooked this apparent God of the health food world with a bit or garlic and onion ( rinsing it first- man this stuff is bittterrrrr) and boiled until cooked and you know what, it’s ok. It’s not going to replace the rice on your plate, and it doesn’t really touch cous cous, but so as not to be dreadfully unfashionable, I’m giving it a whirl. Let’s see how long this one lasts….

Quinoa, salmon, brocolli, spinach

(This salmon is legendary by the way even if I do say so myself- salmon, layer with light cream cheese, breadcrumbs and Parmesan and grill- it’ll change your life.) 

Working hard…

As women, I think we spend 99% of our time comparing ourselves to other ladies and wondering why we don’t quite match up. We need to stop!! Today I took some time to admire myself… Weird I know and at the risk of sounding big headed, but I am so proud of where I am now from 3 years ago. Even though I am no where near where I want to be or who I aspire to, I’m still better than what I was and I am a fighter. Girls-love yourselves first!!! 


A revolutionary boot experience….

It’s a well known thing between my friends and I (and my bank balance, and Rich’s bank balance) that I have an obsession with black ankle boots. I reckon I’m knocking on the door or 15 pairs. All black, all ankle length, but obliviously all totally different. 🙈🙉🙊

Now I think I speak on behalf of a whole lot of ladies when I describe the absolute fear of shopping for a calf length boot. It’s something that you lean legged individuals take for granted, and perhaps have never considered. But if you have anything from a normal, to large calf basically you’re screwed. Step aside ladies, no boots for you here. If, and it’s a big if, they do happen to fasten around your calf, they often leave you looking as though you’ve fashioned a ridiculous mid calf  waist belt separating stretched leather and bulging calf fat- a really delightful look. Not to mention the risk of cutting off circulation to your toes.

So, I of course, have not even attempted to try on a calf high boot since the day I was born. And then today happened. In a state of panic at a kurt Geiger outlet where all boots were £19 I grabbed everything black and started frantically squishing my feet in. I came across some calf length boots and in a whimsical state put them on. And they went on. Circulation still intact! 

It doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary but it’s little things like this that make me really bloody proud of the changes I’ve made and make me want to carry on living a healthy (ish) lifestyle. 

Smash this week everyone!


Because why wouldn’t you take a photo of your new boots at the tube station ?
Serious shoe addiction
These boots were made for walking