So yesterday was probably one of the best days of my life as Rich proposed to me! It took me completely by surprise and was such a beautiful experience.

Of course there will now be more blogging whilst we get ready for our big day in the now, not so distant future!!!

And true to form as this is a healthy living blog I took a picture of my ring against the back drop of a wonderful drunken Macdonalds!! Classy!!! 


Drinking your calories…

All things that are wrong with the dieting world exemplified on my beloved myfitnesspal app pictured below. 

Point numero uno. I think it’s really misleading to only be allowed to enter calories from ‘food’.  A lot of our calories, some more than others, come from ‘drink’. Yet people don’t often consider this in their daily calorie intake. I mean, take this Mojito I am drinking whilst writing this blog post. Sugar- calories, rum- calories. Delicious but laden with guilt (I mean I’m not bothered but some might be).

And I feel so sorry for poor old full fat Coke. Taking the wrap for all the calories in the drink world. Coke, wine and beer take the brunt of the abuse but hey, guess what, orange juice has a shed load of calories too. As does gin and tonic. As does Fanta. I swear people think that because Fanta tastes of oranges it must be a slightly healthier option than Coke- news flash. It isn’t. They are all as bad as each other!! 

So drink whatever you want but just remember that a fanta is a treat. As is a beer, sugar in your tea, or a wonderful milkshake cocktail so just add it all into what you’ve consumed. If it doubt- stick to H2O but you may die of boredom. 

(Another bug bear with MFP is that doing weights or as they put it ‘strength’ work means you apparently don’t burn ahh calories. What a load of old shit. Weight lifting can burn more calories than cardio so get to it- another rant for another day).