The all inclusive holiday… Damage limitation 

So I’ve been off the radar this week- been sunning myself with Rich at an all inclusive in Dominican Republic- sorry not sorry.

Now as a fitness blog, obvs I can’t just brag about having an ace holiday- drinking my weight in beer and eating my weight in ice cream- as much as I want to.

With a couple of holidays coming up I didn’t want to pile on the obligatory half a stone gain (I mean I still made a fair effort on this front) so here’s my top tips for damage limitation on Holiday!! 

1. Move. Just a little everyday. And yes walking or swimming to and forth to the bar definitely counts…

Running on holiday is a fantastic way to see new places – we went for 3 runs along the beach. Quite handy as jet lag had us up at 6:30am anyway… Running outside in heat is also a fantastic way to increase your physical fitness- Rich and I managed about 25 mins each time due to the excessive heat (and the strong call to the bar…) 

To quote Rich “I’ve run for 25 mins so now im going to drink the calories at the bar”

2. Make some good choices to counteract the numerous bad ones. Now I’m not going on holiday to drink algae and eat salad all day long. As a massive foodie, I’m there to indulge as much as possible but just try to make swaps where you can- hilariously this meant for me swapping every other beer for gin and sodas (oh the sacrifice), and ensuring my plate had a fair amount of green on it! Pile up your plate with green bits before any beige! 

Soz Rich- beige plate of food vs my salad chicken and rice! Rich doesnt put weight on as easily as me- lucky!
3. Is it worth it? As with most all inclusive resorts the food at our hotel was mixed. Some things were great- breakfast. Somethings not so much- puddings. To be fair this was great as it meant more often than not we were saying to each other- how’s your dessert? Not worth the calories and then opting for fruit instead. (Sounds wasteful- we soon learnt!) This in turn, saved calories for beers.

4. Check out the gym, or do a HIIT in your room if you can be bothered! I did just 20 mins on the treadmill one day but felt so much better for it. My hotel room HIIT blog post will be coming soon! Also, swimming counts! I can’t confess to having swam much- more bobbing up and down trying not to spill my booze. But do swim on holiday if you can! 

Couples who train together… blah blah blah
5. Generally eat​ a tonne of fruit. Melon, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit- love all of these things on holiday for breakfast lunch and dinner! Normally I try not to get my 5 a day just from fruit (lots of sugar) but on holiday screw it- got about 8 a day in with fruit and salad 🙂 (strawberry daquiri’s count- right?!)

Inevitably sitting on your arse all day, eating and drinking from 11am is going to cause weight gain but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Sometimes you just gotta let go- queue photos of me eating some really healthy things…. 🙈🙉🙊

Bulging biceps????

So here is an example of how not everything is exactly what it seems.

Take a look at this picture of me flashing my guns. They’re impressive right??? 

Some would even say they are a bit manly?? 
Look again!!! Rich is standing behind me- see below! 

I can’t do the whole airbrushing thing and I don’t even really use any exciting filters to make myself look better- but tricks of the eye can make us all jealous and strive to achieve things not humanly possible!! Always second guess people’s amazing abs and bulging biceps on social media and don’t be fooled by the fakes!! 

Now I’m off to lift some serious weights- quite like myself with Rich’s arms haha!! 

Snack attack 

Sitting at work in the fortunate position of having the following snacks to hand- as in literally within an arms reach:

  • Godiva chocolates
  • Chocolate covered raisins 
  • Pick a mix 
  • Milk chocolate 
  • Lindt chocolate 
  • Biscuits
  • More biscuits

And of course dying about all of these temptations and treats! So, as I’m in a mood to eat literally anything that comes within a 15cm radius of my mouth, I’ve popped out and bought some healthier alternatives. See snacks below:

Skyr- protein yoghurts- fab- really like these. As well as danio, and other protein high yoghurts. 

Graze boxes- yes, you need to remortgage if you are planning on having one a day but they are currently £1 at sainsburys and I wonderful snack. Just tried this one and it was ace!! Like a marginally healthy Bombay mix (I bloody love Bombay mix.)

snack monster

Sometimes you just need to have something in your mouth at all times (those of you smirking you have filthy minds), so I try to ensure I have an array of tasty healthy snacks on hand to keep me occupied. Failing this, I eat the healthy snacks and then eat the Cadbury twirl as well, but it’s the effort that counts right? 

Top tip- keep chewing on your drawer to stop you eating everything people offer you. 

Snack monster Han 

Nakd nibbles…

If you’ve clicked this post for the story of a sordid love affair you’ll be very disappointed. But only about as disappointed as I was after eating a bag of nakd nibbles.

Now I long went off nakd bars after overdosing on them in my January crazed healthy eating. (Think ordering a 32 pack on line and eating them solidly every day for a month- I haven’t been able to look at a date in the same way since).

But I saw these fellas staring up at me from the till point in Primark (strong product placement) and was so charmed by the packaging (my subconscious defo hoped they would be like proper fruit salad sweets….as if) that I thought I’d try them. 

When I’m hungry, I’m hangry and an hour in primark holiday shopping never helps so a snack was needed. Feeling so proud of myself for opting for a healthy treat I cockily tucked into the bag. Oh gosh. The disappointment. 

Yes they are gluten free, wheat free, even dairy free but hell, they sure are taste free too. On the odd chance you get a raisin it’s marginally more joyous but otherwise it’s no different to eating some lint wrapped in dust.

Sozza, naked, you’re not for me.

(Disclaimer- Rich then polished off the whole bag to my horror, even referring to them as “healthy little sweets” so I guess each to their own and you could try them, at your own peril.)

Now somebody pass me a refreshers bar. Over and out. 


Being at my boyfriends mum’s house for the weekend is always a treat when it comes to food- it generally involves us sitting around not doing much but eating lots of wonderful food- queue chocolate, selection of cheeses, wine, bacon sandwiches, roast dinners (2 in 2 days), cakes, biscuits (not necessarily in that order). I mean it’s fantastic.

However with 3 weeks to go until bikini time I am really happy with some healthy swaps I made this weekend which made the treats taste even better- see below! 

1. Pub grub: What I wanted: fish and chips with multiple ciders. What I had: fish and chips (I’m not a complete moron) but I didn’t eat the batter (obvs the best bit) and I swapped my cider for gin and slim line tonics. 

oh ye, this is a healthy eating blog. 😬

2. Sunday lunch: What I wanted: roast dinner. What I had: all the veg, lamb (far cut off!) and white rice rather than roast potatoes and gravy. (Shock horror I’m not a big fan of roast potatoes anyway so no mean feat for me!)

3. Breakfast: What I wanted: Bacon baguette with lashings of mayonnaise. What I had: scrambled eggs with bacon (fat cut off) on 1 peice of brown bread. 

4. Pudding: What I wanted: Syrup sponge. Ok for someone with poor will power in pretty proud of myself for this swap. What I had: Strawberries, blueberries and full fat Greek yogurt. It was actually really tasty and top tip- if you don’t buy yourself a pudding (they are individual portions) then you simply can’t have one! 

Just a few ideas for how you can be good even when it’s tough! Made the caramel shortbread slice on Saturday taste even better (plus we had been shopping for 4 hours which counts as exercise, doesn’t it?!) I also did some running to help counteract the sofa slobness- it’s beautiful on the south coast! 

South coast

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday all! 

Top 10 healthy snacks for a serial snacker 

I think about food for approximately 18 hours a day. (The other 6 I am asleep and probably dreaming about food). 
I am a serial snacker- to be fair sometimes I’m a cereal snacker too. (Sorry had to be done!) So I thought I’d share some of my favourite healthy snacks. None of them are going to beat a bar of dairy milk chocolate fresh from the fridge with a brew, or that 3pm biscuit hit in the office but hopefully they will do for the in between times! 

(Oh and also what I hate is the question: “Are you a snacker or do you love for 3 big meals a day?” Obviously I’m both).

Snack ideas:

1.Cashew nuts: I keep various bags of nuts in my drawer at work to stave off trips to the vending machine (it’s works, sometimes). 

I buy plain so not roasted and salted

2. Light babybel with ham/ Or light cream cheese and ryvita: Sounds tres bore but it’s super easy to keep ryvita in your drawer or to grab handfuls or ham. 

3. Carrots/peppers: prepping these foods is such a bore fact. So I’ve now started buying bags of pre chopped carrots and keep them in the fridge at work. And much to my colleagues horror, I will tuck into a red or yellow pepper as if it’s an apple. I think it’s normal but socially it is a bit weird. Try it! 

3. Protein yoghurt: currently working my way through different yoghurts from skyr, to danio, to Greek – review to come! 

4. Popcorn- sometimes you just need something sweeter (watch the sugar intake on this though).

5. Fruit- obvs, it’s easy. Really digging melon at the moment. Tip- always peep the whole lot in one go as its so boring getting a chopping board out when you want some. Another tip- add a bit of cinnamon to your melon!! 

Hungy? add some greek yoghurt to your fruit

6. Dark chocolate: currently opting for 85% cacao but 70% is good too. Tip- always read the back- dark chocolate is anything from 34% cacao up so still lots of sugar in the lower quality bars. 

Best dark chocolate

7. Apple and peanut butter: there is something so satisfying about spooning peanut butter onto apple slices. 

8. Eat natural bars/ naked bars: love these guys. Read the back for sugar and ingredients- tip- if you can’t pronounce an ingredient it probably isn’t good for you (exception: quinoa). 

Best flavour

9. Protein shake: I use diet whey and only after exercising as its super sugary but does fill a whole and does a job! 

10. A little bit of what you fancy does you good…. If you need a snickers eat one. Otherwise you’ll do what I end up doing and eating all of the above to avoid eatin it, then eating it anyway….