Health on a budget 

Being healthy on a shoe string budget is hard. You walk around tesco and see £1 pizzas and it is completely understandable why families find it hard to feed themselves healthily on a budget.

I’ve just read an interesting article in this months cosmopolitan magazine about how expensive wellness and healthy eating has become. It’s no lie that there is a massive trend at the moment to be seen to be working out, eating healthily and dossing yourself up on chia seeds and protein shakes. There is no doubt about it, these things are expensive so I’ve decided to put together my top tips for eating healthily on a budget:

1. Eat locally: I’m blessed to live in London and walk past many market style fruit and veg shops on my way home. Fruit for a poooooounnnnnnndddd (you’ll know the sound if you live here!) and if you do- make the most of it. Beware as these things do go off quicker but it’s a great way to bulk up the fridge without breaking the bank. 

2. Be thrifty: this is totally the type of shopper I am- we love to snack on light babybells (yes I’m 5 years old). They are about £1.60 for 6 cheeses which I just feel is extortionate. So when they are £1 we go mad- things like cheese and almond milk can have really long sell by dates so stock up when on offer. I bought 8 cartons of unsweetened almond milk about 6 weeks ago (on offer for £1 each) and we are still using them. You’ve got to get your head around buying in bulk when there is a good offer! 

3. Nuts: they drive me, well, nuts. (Sorry). A delightful bag of monster munch (roasted beef obvs) will set you back about £0.65 (I’d know).  But a tiny pack of nuts will cost you about £6000. So it’s obviously tough to pick the healthy option. Again que bulk buying. Buy mahoosive bags of nuts- like over 1kg to get the bulk saving and then seperate into smaller bags for healthy snacks on the go. 

4. Preparation: bla bla bla- I’m boring myself but it’s true. If I have to pop to sainsbury in the morning to get lunch I’ll end up spending around £7- a small fruit pot, a salad, some popcorn and a punnet of grapes or the like. £7 on one day’s work food yet I couldn’t get my head around spending this on a bag of nuts that will last a month…. Fill your bag/ work drawers with snacks and prep your lunch to avoid unnecessary trips to the shops. 


My tupperware cupboard is somewhat of a stacking disaster but very useful!
5. Know the deals. My shopping habits don’t change massively from week to week so I have a good grip on how much stuff costs. Eat natural bars are £0.85 each so if I see them cheaper I bulk buy and fill the cupboard for future snacks.

6. Brands aren’t always best: I’ve always been a massively firm believer in not falling for brands because they look pretty. Rolled oats are rolled oats. Read the ingredients and 9/10 you can go for the cheaper option. 

7. Discount section: Yes it’s not pretty. Yes it’s a bum fight to the bitter end but nothing fills me with more joy than grabbing that mango, late at night from tesco for £0.30. Or the reduced gammon steaks to chuck in the freezer. I’m not even lying we have 10 peices of gammon in the freezer at the moment due to a massive discount. 10. It’s ludicrous but we love gammon. If things can be frozen by them when discounted in bulk.  


Using up some discount spinach!
8. Water: don’t buy bottled water out. What a joke. I take a bottle with me everywhere to save on dosh and because I’m a massive fan of hydration. Also I love a cheeky bottle of Coke so avoiding boots at my thirstiest is always a good idea.

9. Don’t throw food away: cut veg up small enough and you won’t even notice it as an odd on in most dishes- get cutting and get creative.

10. Freeze: brown bananas. Peel them, chop them, freeze them, blitz them, eat them. Banana ice cream a fab way of using up browning fruit. With apples on there way out I just cut them up and fry them in coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and use them in overnight oats or freeze them. 

The tips could go on but at the risk of sounding like a total tight wad I’ll stop here!! So get out there, get thrifty, get healthy. 

Have a grand weekend all. 

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