Doodles? Zoodles? Boodles?

I lost my virginity tonight. To butternut squash noodles- I’m not even sure what their correct name is, but I did it, in a big way. 

What a bloody delightful thing. And even better- no need to get out a massive spiralizer (you all know how much I hate washing up). Courgetti can be, as we know, pretty watery, but zoodles (I don’t know why but this is what I’ve decided to call them…) are amazing. No liquid- 3 mins in the microwave and whammy- there they are. They are quite al dente which is fab too because they taste more like spaghetti. Well obviously they don’t taste like spaghetti but they vaguely resemble it when coated in bolognaise, and a bit of Parmesan….

I bought them as they are, in all their nakedness from Sainsbury’s. I’m defo a convert. I’ll certainly be going back for more. £1.20 for a bag which is more than enough for two people and counts as one of your 5 a day- amazing! Sometimes these new fads on the old health bandwagon cost about £6million pounds for one portion so I’m pretty chuffed at the value on this one.

Zoodles bolognaise
I also gave my bolognaise a much needed makeover tonight, and I made enough to make a cheeky little sweet potato cottage pie out of the left overs for lunches- recipe to follow another day! 

Bolognaise recipe: 

  • Onions, courgette, peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach 
  • 5% fat beef mince
  • 2 tins of chopped tomatoes
  • Tomatoe purée
  • Garlic, chilli, herbs, salt, pepper, curry powder and ground mustard
  • And today’s secret ingredient- dissolved gravy granules for an extra beefy hit! 
  • Parmesan to serve

Method: Fry onions first, then add beef and brown, add herbs, spices and then all the veg, cook off for a bit then add the gravy and tomatoes and simmer until it thickens.

Enjoy!! Go and get some zoodles- you won’t regret it. 

Hidden calories 

They are everywhere. 

My colleagues were talking about this article the other day (also covered in slightly more reputable newspapers!) and it’s absolutely shocking. I’ve posted the link below. 

I can’t get over how much sugar there is in beverages. I am actually starting to feel sorry for Coke. It’s got a really bad rep as being the baddest, sugariest, most bad ass of the beverages when really it is a mere pussy cat by comparison to some of these hot beverages from the likes of Starbucks and other coffee shops. 

I mean, if you put a donut next to me, or a flavoured coffee which would I rather consume? Obviously I’d much rather have the donut. Quite often though people just don’t realise how many hidden calories there are in beverages. I think this is where my fitness pal really helped me- that swift lilt on the way home, that full fat tonic in your gin, that sugary tea- all these things add up and in my opinion are quite often pointless uses of calories. Bottle of Dr Pepper (250 calories) or a 4 finger Kitkat (233 calories)?! It’s crazy- obviously the Kitkat and a bottle of water.

Weening yourself off full fat drinks is a start- no, Diet Coke isn’t a patch on Full fat Coke, no matter what people try to say. But, it is less fattening. And no, diet beverages aren’t good for you- they are packed full of chemicals to ensure they are low calories, but I believe they are a start! 

So next time you pick up a drink- think about it!!! Would you rather be tucking into a cream cake?! Article below- real eye opener!!

Oh and don’t get me started on alcohol… Oh fruity sugary ciders I just love you so much. But your calorie content is alarming.


When in Rome….

Well ok, not actually Rome, Paris! Just been whisked away for a lovely weekend in Paris and we decided to do as the Parisiens do and eat as much French food as possible. Good bye healthy eating and hello bread. Pastries. Wine. Crepes. More crepes. The French love a baguette,you’re never more than a stones throw away from a baguette in Paris. 

Some of my foodie highlights below. I have loved eating everything I want to. You know that rule where 5 small meals a day is really good for you? Well does it count if they consist of: 

1. Champagne and croissants

2. Hot chocolate and cake 

3. Galette, crepe, cider 

4. Booze and curry 

5. Another drunk crepe? 

Always being health conscious me 😉 

Food highlights below…. 


The food
The drinks…..
To be fair we did walk on average 20,000 steps per day (thank you fit bit) so I’m pretty confident we haven’t put weight on. Defo not. I mean if anything we’ve lost weight. Yea, we’ve lost weight. Better drink shed loads of cider watching the rugby today just in case…..

The best day of the year

has arrived. I’ve been eagerly anticipating pancake day. I think I prefer it to Easter, maybe even to Christmas.

When I invited some friends over for our annual pancake party their first question was- is it going to be those ridiculous healthy banana and egg pancakes? No friends, of course it’s not, it’s normal amazing pancakes especially for shelve Tuesday. To be slathered with lemon and sugar, or Nutella and strawberries. I managed 4. Amazing.  


Toppings galore
Poor tossing attempts from the boys


Pancake friends
Just a small stack

 Now I guess I should give something up for lent… But probably not…. 

A revolutionary boot experience….

It’s a well known thing between my friends and I (and my bank balance, and Rich’s bank balance) that I have an obsession with black ankle boots. I reckon I’m knocking on the door or 15 pairs. All black, all ankle length, but obliviously all totally different. 🙈🙉🙊

Now I think I speak on behalf of a whole lot of ladies when I describe the absolute fear of shopping for a calf length boot. It’s something that you lean legged individuals take for granted, and perhaps have never considered. But if you have anything from a normal, to large calf basically you’re screwed. Step aside ladies, no boots for you here. If, and it’s a big if, they do happen to fasten around your calf, they often leave you looking as though you’ve fashioned a ridiculous mid calf  waist belt separating stretched leather and bulging calf fat- a really delightful look. Not to mention the risk of cutting off circulation to your toes.

So, I of course, have not even attempted to try on a calf high boot since the day I was born. And then today happened. In a state of panic at a kurt Geiger outlet where all boots were £19 I grabbed everything black and started frantically squishing my feet in. I came across some calf length boots and in a whimsical state put them on. And they went on. Circulation still intact! 

It doesn’t sound particularly revolutionary but it’s little things like this that make me really bloody proud of the changes I’ve made and make me want to carry on living a healthy (ish) lifestyle. 

Smash this week everyone!


Because why wouldn’t you take a photo of your new boots at the tube station ?
Serious shoe addiction
These boots were made for walking

Must haves…..

With the weekly shop fast approaching tomorrow, and the motivation of January fast disappearing, I thought I’d jot down a few things that always appear in my basket in an attempt to be healthy (a weekend of drinking and eating out we will just ignore for now- back on it Monday promise).

Vegetables- shit loads of them. Staples include:

  • Peppers 
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber (for snacks) 
  • Courgette (to roast)
  • Mushrooms 
  • Onions 
  • Avocado (often make guacamole)
  • Stir fry packs 
  • Sweet potatoes (mainly for chips or to Nash)
  • Spinach- chuck it in anything.
  • Broccoli/ cauliflower- love hate affair with cauliflower at the moment but they are diverse little fellas.
  • Anything on offer to be fair. 

An abundance of fruit: 

  • Bananas (read below posts I just ca t get enough of these bad boys)
  • Apples
  • Seasonal fruit (bloody love a lychee when the time is right) 
  • Frozen fruit for overnight oats (blueberries are a disaster frozen- you’ve been warned) 
  • Lemon/ limes to add flavour to any very green looking smoothies 
  • Anything else that takes my fancy


  • 5% fat mince beef. Mince is so easy to russle into lunch or a quick dinner. Yes. Ok. Turkey mince is better but let’s face it like all things turkey- it’s dry. Drier than the Sahara. 
  • Gammon. Cut the fat off. Get an egg involved. Pub grub heaven. We bought 6 peices the other day marked down and have frozen them- anyone for a gammon party?
  • Chicken- protein heaven
  • Ham- for snacking on.

 Other things of importance:

The cheese aisle-obviously. Currently in my fridge: 

  • Halloumi (always- you know how I feel about I)
  • Feta
  • Cottage
  • Cheddar 
  • Parmesan. 

I think I’ve got a cheese problem. Opt for strong cheddar so you don’t use as much- mild cheddar has about as much flavour as the packet it comes in and is quite frankly an insult to the milk it was made from. 

Other Dairy:

  • About 800 packs of natural or Greek yoghurt 
  • Unsweetened almond milk for porridge and oats
  • Eggs. For boiling, scrambling, poaching, pancakes, burgers. Everything.

Other cupboard essentials I freak out if we run out of: 

  • Cashews/ sesame seeds to make everything taste better and add crunch
  • Soy sauce- we get through so much soy sauce
  • Chopped tomatoes/ kidney beans. I like to know I’m only 20 mins away from a chilli con carne at all times
  • Herbs, Garlic, ginger, chilli- obvs 
  • Marmite- what marmite doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing
  • Dark chocolate. Because that’s what life is basically all about

My list is getting pretty extensive and I need to get myself out of bed but just thought I’d share it pre the dreaded Sunday shop. Now I’ve got a bacon and sausage sandwich calling me…..

The healthy shop results

The boys room….

So I’m in the ‘boys’ room (weight room- it’s a weights room!!!) enjoying arm day, minding my own business when some arrogant nob head (excuse the language) pulls his bench up in a L shape with mine so he could admire himself in the mirror completely blocking me in, in the process.

Now, I know girls sometimes feel really intimidated to go into the weights section (and I’m sure some guys do too, to be fair). And today I understood why when idiots like that deliberately try to flex their muscles and make you feel inferior and wimpish.

Sorry mate, you chose the wrong girl to intimidate today, queue my next actions. Huff loudly. Move bench the one inch away from him I still have between myself and the mirror. Strop off. Get heavy weights. Come back to bench. Carry on my arm day – unfortunately (or fortunately for him) my next exercise which i’d pre planned before being rudely interrupted, was to bend over on the bench and do my bent over row with my bum around 3 inches from his face which was no fault of my own. 

Illustration so you understand just how close my bum was to this man’s face. It’s ok though- he was way too busy staring at himself to notice.
So girls. Ignore everyone else. Own it and don’t feel intimidated!!!! Guns out- bums out!!!!!