Cauliflower ‘rice’

It seems to be that every man and his dog are loving healthy eating at theMoment- I bet the sales of spiralizers are up ten fold on last year. 
The latest craze is for pretending things are things that they aren’t. In comes cauliflower rice… 
I have been eating cauliflower rice for a fair while now and I’ve got to say I love it… No it doesn’t taste like lovely fluffy carby rice but nor does it have the calories and it is a perfect substitution for the evening in particular (cutting carbs out in the evening is one of the more effective ways of losing weight- I try to have my carbs for lunch and limit it in the evening (unless I’m eating out, can’t be bothered or fancy carbs of course.) 
So how to cook? 
I’ve tried toasting it and this works but takes time… Last night I tried microwaving it- works a treat. 

Simply blend a cauliflower ( without the green bits obvs) in a food processor pour into a bowl- cover and microwave for about 3.5 mins. 
Last night we had ours with Turkey chilli (beefs less well known but lighter minced friend) and a sprinkle of Parmesan (a good substitution for cheddar as you don’t need as much).
Next post on spiralizing- I’m a bit slow off the mark- mines just been delivered.