Excuses, excuses

There is always a reason not to get your exercise in- please see below my favourite tried and tested ones:
1. It’s too cold outside

2. I didn’t sleep very well

3. I’ve had a late night 


5. I can’t be bothered to pack my stuff 

6. I’ve got a headache 

7. I’m busy later so I’m conserving my energy

8. I’m tired 

9. People will look at me- I don’t know what I’m doing 

10. Everyone else is super fit in the gym
Can it, stop it, go!!!! 
I’ve used all of the above and nowadays I am lucky that going to the gym is part of my routine so I am on autopilot. I go regardless of how I feel, how much I ache, or how tired I am- and i ALWAYS feel better for it. 
The biggest thing about first getting into any exercise is to conquer THE FEAR! It took me months to pluck up the courage to go swimming on my own but once I had done it a few times it was fine. 

And I know to a lot of people gyms are really scary and you walk around not really knowing what to do. We’ve all been there- it sucks but just pretend to know what you’re doing and you’ll find that people will look at you wondering where you learnt your bad ass moves 😉 
I use YouTube and women’s fitness magazine for inspiration- if I am trying something new sometimes I practise at home to makesure ive got the technique and avoid dropping weights on my face or something at the gym.
You build up a repertoire of exercises in the gym over a long period of time so start off small wth things you know- do some cardio, lunges, squats, crunches- don’t put pressure on yourself to brave the machines until you feel confident! (Took me months!)
Yesterday I spent 3 minutes solidly trying to put my feet in the stirrups of the TRX. I looked up and some buff gym guy was laughing so I just looked at him and laughed too… I then contemplated running away but I perceeded and after another painful minute of wallowing around on the floor like a beached manatee I got my foot in and amazed him with my TRX skills (in my

Head I did anyway!)
So… Stop making excuses and get your exercise in whatever it is!! Be

Prepared, pack the night before (even if you aren’t intending the go as your packed bag will make you feel guilty and is one less excuse!)
And! Tell everyone when you’ve done some exercise and are proud- why shouldn’t you brag!!! 

(Writing this from the gym floor FYI 😉 )